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The then ranked #3 eye hospital in the United States, Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia, had a quandary. They are a training hospital with a steady influx of Residents, a world leader in Ophthalmic research, and house some of the top minds in the world in their fields. This winning combination brought them to the #2 eye hospital in the US in 2013, and they are on track to grab the top spot.

With this incredible wealth of knowledge surrounding them, a team of residents thought it would be a disservice to not spread whatever knowledge they could.

Syync was approached to develop a question bank fueled by the vast expanse of knowledge that created the Wills Eye landscape. Not only a repository, but a system where question writers and editors could interact with each other while residents were given a means to study and be measured against their peers.

We hit it hard. First developing a back end where question writers and editors could constantly contribute to the system to maintain it's growth. Then came testing. We designed and developed a testing system where students were able to generate timed, un-timed, or tutorial style tests either randomly, based on category and topic, or recycled questions the student had marked during a previous test.

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