Gibraltar IT

Gibraltar IT, LLC, a leading IT firm based on the East Coast, USA, had outgrown it's online identity yet again. Signs of their growth were everywhere. A 3-time (and counting) winner of the Wharton School's Philadelphia 100, a showcase of fast growing successful companies in the region, a spot on the Inc. 5000, and gaining new recognition every day.

This was the second major re-design Syync had taken on for their parent company. We had the performance of the previous site and new Service and Consulting offerings to help shape the outcome.

Responsive was the first direction; making sure Gibraltar's new site was accessible on every device. Next was structure. Ellis Lab's ExpressionEngine served us well for enterprise sites so it was the natural choice, although to date ExpressionEngine site's had been rough on our development environment. Local development and deploy via Capistrano to staging and production environments which aren't always the same. Not only did Syync's development team crack a smooth environment deploy, but we've shared it too: [watch our GitHub for a link soon].

New content was developed for new offerings while print efforts were compiled to showcase and offer ease of access and share-value. A renewed emphasis on social media was implemented on the team pages, direct access to LinkedIn and twitter, and where media links could easily be shared.

The demands of such a fast-paced environment offer an ever-changing challenge — look for more on the constantly evolving web site of Gibraltar IT and @gibraltarit.

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