Mut8 was a Friday project that grew into it’s own application (weird, huh). We needed a content management system (CMS) that did a little more than anything we had been able to locate. Like what you ask? For us, it offered our block-hosting clients easy access to update their web site content, the ability to clone and add their own pages, version control for the client, and the ability for us not to pay an outside vendor.

Anyone can create a free account to use on their own web sites. The Pro version includes customization for designers and developers who are looking for something similar to offer to their clients; Custom branding, a welcome letter and access to page tempting to name a few.

As a Friday project, Mut8 is still growing and helping users with limited access or knowledge of HTML edit and maintain their web sites. If you have ideas for Mut8, help us shape the next iteration @syyncme #mut8.

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