PPC Lubricants

For more than 40 years, PPC Corp. has been distributing lubricants and oils that keep cars, commercial fleets, heavy machinery and entire industries running smoothly while growing from 6 to well over 100 employees and five facilities covering the entire mid-Atlantic region. The addition of PPC's Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) offerings in 2011 serves the diesel industry, which struggles to meet emissions and fuel-efficiency guidelines without compromising vehicle performance, broadened both their reach and position as a leader not only in the region, but in the lubricants industry.

We worked closely with PPC Lubricants to determine shape and direction of their newest website offering. While PPC had enjoyed editing capabilities rooted in a WordPress site, they had outgrown the capabilities it had to offer. Ellis Lab's Expression Engine (yes, again, we really like it); Develop → deploy → done.

This new platform for PPC Lubricants offered input from other editors for site content, along with easier delegation in an enterprise environment. A blog was implemented for the first time on PPC's web site where ExpressionEngine allowed us to toggle blog content (and CSS) on the home page. The members system and dashboard notation made it easy to bring new editors into the system quickly. ExpressionEngine's multi-site manager also allows PPC to edit multiple sites from one central location.

We were able to bring PPC's quoting forms online and readily accessible to their clients and implemented geo-location in the location mapping to give you real-time proximity to the PPC Location nearest you!

Our strong relationship with PPC Lubricants continues as we employ open-web technology to help PPC reach their current and future client base.

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