SitePlex came on the heels of Mut8. We had developed a simple content management system for our hosting clients, but what about those who didn't have a web site to go with Mut8? Or those who didn't want the expense of their own unique web site that reflected only them and spoke solely to their clients? What about the responsive web?

Our next Friday project had to be SitePlex. There were a few designs for both internal and client projects, and some personal developer projects, that for whatever reason just never see the light of day - or all too fleeting a glimpse. So we made sure they were all responsive and built a site around them. They're stylish templates with fast access to Mut8's editing capabilities.

Siteplex displays each of the sites as they would appear responsively and a quick email is all it takes to get started. We can even take care of the hosting for as little as $25 a month. So let us know! @syyncme #SitePlex

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