Visoptics, a division of Gibraltar IT, was created to promote and market the changing face of Visual Acuity and Visual Field testing. Measuring vision with a chart (acuity or contrast sensitivity) does not enable the physician to understand the vision problems or complaints of the patient in real world activities or provide an understanding of the relationship between pathology and vision deviation. New technology advances by a prominent Retina surgeon in the Philadelphia area have yielded two new devices in an otherwise flat vision analysis market.

The Central Vision Analyzer and the Omnifield both analyze Visual Acuity in ways that directly relate to everyday activities. Where the common eye chart will measure vision based on the vision lane you happen to be sitting in, these new devises consider glare, mid-day sun and dusk; sight related environments we all encounter on a daily basis.

Physical product design and re-development to attain a smaller footprint for the Omnifield device was step one.

A place to showcase the Central Vision Analyzer and the Omnifield online was the next goal. In a relatively short time-span, due to an upcoming vision conference in 3 weeks time, Syync developed a small, responsive web site for these devices. Responsive was a must with the knowledge that initial viewers of the site would be at a conference where the first glimpse of many a web site is on a phone or tablet. HTML5 and SASS were brought to bear on this speedy upstart while collateral print material and a trade show presence were developed.

Visoptics had a well received roll-out at the conference and continues to grow as the Central Vision Analyzer and the Omnifield systems make their way into clinical trials, hospitals and practices world-wide.

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